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Certified Pre-Owned Honda

You’re not alone if you’ve found yourself torn between several decisions when shopping for a vehicle. As much as you want to take advantage of the latest advancements in performance and technology, acquiring a model made this year may not be the best move. There are plenty of benefits that accompany the purchase of a pre-owned car, truck, or SUV. In addition to a more manageable price tag, the overhead of owning a used vehicle is much less. When a car accumulates mileage and begins to age, its value will obviously decrease too. This means that insurance companies will charge you less to cover your vehicle. Not to mention, parts become more available with age, as do the knowledge and tools required to work on specific models. Still, it’s difficult to ignore that you could save some cash with a more efficient SUV. Not to mention the myriad of driver-assist features that are now standard but weren’t half a decade ago. If you’re wrestling with making a decision between a new or used vehicle, then an answer awaits you at Dick’s Hillsboro Honda. As well as being a fantastic place to find cheap models listed for under $15,000 from other manufacturers, we have a unique opportunity you may enjoy. We’re one of few locations in the area that sells certified pre-owned Honda cars, trucks, and SUVs. Right now, you might be asking yourself what the difference is between a used vehicle sold by a private seller versus one that’s been designated CPO by the manufacturer. Below, we’ll highlight some incentives to trade in your old model and discover if one of these certified cars is suitable.

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Whenever pre-owned vehicles of any sort make their way to us, we’re very diligent about ensuring they meet our expectations. We’ll typically go through the process of inspecting vital components and running history reports if a customer is ever interested in selling or trading in their car. But, there are much higher standards that have been set by Honda in regards to our certified selection. You might have already observed our CPO vehicles have a like-new appearance, with many of them featuring the same perks you’d have in a model released just this year. The Honda-certified pre-owned program’s checklist begins with restrictions on the age of a car, truck, or SUV. HondaTrue states that models must never exceed 6 years old, with Certified+ vehicles being limited to only 2 years. Given this fact, you’ll find plenty of outstanding and cutting-edge features equipped in models deemed worthy of the title CPO. Meanwhile, the odometer must never read above 80,000 miles to ensure there isn’t a significant amount of wear on vital components. The end result of all this is an array of models that appear to have just arrived here from the factory at a pre-owned price!

Yet another reason why certified pre-owned models run so smoothly and look nearly immaculate also has to do with a multi-point inspection. The standard for all these vehicles is a comprehensive 182-point inspection performed by a Honda-trained technician. Important diagnostic equipment is utilized to monitor crucial parts beneath the hood as our team checks for any problems with electronics or features. This extensive examination also involves a reconditioning process, contributing to the already impressive appearance of these certified used cars. Already, it might seem like a fantastic amount of peace of mind goes along with these Honda CPO models. But, additional assurance exists in the form of two separate warranties. Both powertrain and non-powertrain coverage alleviate any sentiment that you’re taking a risk by buying a pre-owned vehicle. These models are also eligible for Honda Care, which enables you to receive routine maintenance without any headaches. It’s highly unlikely anything will go wrong, but if you get a flat tire or run out of gas, you’ll have 24/7 roadside assistance by your side. Even with all these advantages at a pre-owned price, there are more reasons to ask us about a certified pre-owned Honda Odyssey. Financing one of these outstanding vehicles could lead to thousands of dollars in savings. Earning rebates, special interest rates, and other deals are a distinct possibility when you pay us a visit at Dick’s Hillsboro Honda. Our team is excited to work with you in person, but you can also browse with us online for a more convenient and accessible experience. However, advice from trained experts with decades of combined expertise will be of great use for anyone seeking a suitable Honda-certified vehicle. Thanks to our flexible hours, we’ll also fit into nearly any schedule, no matter how busy. Associates keep our doors open and our lights on every day of the week, making life easier for our valued customers. Whenever the opportunity arises for you to get another car and you want to see if a certified pre-owned Honda Accord is a smart move, we’re located at 750 SW Oak St., Hillsboro, OR 97123.

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