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After a car accident you want the best repair for your car

Dick’s Collision Center takes pride in our relationships with our customers. Our employees are dedicated which allows Dick’s Collision Center to help customers without compromising attention to detail. This stellar customer service combined with our state-of-the-art equipment and ability to repair all makes and models of vehicles allows Dick’s Collision Center to be your go to place for all collision related repairs.

Dick’s Collision Center values your time, business and your trust. The satisfaction of each customer is of the highest importance to us.

Our Work is Guaranteed

All body shop repairs at Dick’s Collision Center are guaranteed. Our labor and materials are guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle. We prefer to only use genuine factory replacement parts which are the same parts used by the manufacturer who made the car. This ensures the same fit and finish on the newly installed parts as the vehicle had before replacement. Our technicians maintain current industry training from I-CAR, ASE as well as direct from the factory, ensuring that only the best technicians work on your car.

We Handle Everything for You

We work with all insurance companies and we will gladly assist you with insurance claims. Often, damage is hidden until we begin the repair. If that occurs, we will contact your insurance company and take care of it. For your convenience, we also offer free shuttle service (ask about coverage areas). Dick’s Collision Center is located at 205 SE 3rd Avenue, Hillsboro OR, 97123. You can contact us by phone as well (503) 693-0702. We look forward to working with you and to get you and your car back on the road as quickly as possible.

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Car collisions aren’t pleasant to think of or face, but they’re a reality of car ownership. The roads of America are usually a fun and adventurous place to be, but that doesn’t mean the skies don’t sometimes get dark over those roads. Drivers sometimes make mistakes, leading to a collision. The average number of collisions each year come out to about 5.25 million. We wish that none of our customers ever had to face this reality, but we know car collisions are a reality even here in our area. Concerns after a collision always begin with the hope that everyone comes out of it uninjured. Once this lucky fact is confirmed, people turn their attention to auto collision repair.

The Results of Collisions

Auto collision repair is a specialized area of service that our certified auto mechanics perform here at Dick’s Hillsboro Honda. Body damage from a crash is an unfortunate consequence of two or more cars colliding with one another. Sometimes the vehicle is completely totaled and unable to be fixed at all, but these types of collisions are rare. If there’s a chance of fixing your vehicle, our collision repair center is capable of fixing it.

Most Common Damages

People searching for collision repair near me are already in a situation where the body of their vehicle is damaged. The exterior of your vehicle is composed of a variety of components that protect you during a collision. By protecting you, this structure takes a hit to itself. People often find themselves needing collision repair on multiple exterior elements of their vehicle, including:

  • Front/rear bumpers
  • Grille
  • Headlamps/taillamps
  • Wheels
  • Tires
  • Hood
  • Roof
  • Paint

This is actually a short list of all the things on your vehicle’s exterior that might need collision repair. Those searching for collision repair near me because of these damages or worse are always welcome at our collision center. We are highly skilled and prompt about collision repairs (something not every body shop guarantees).

Hallmarks of Good Collision Repair Near You

If you’ve searched for a collision center near me and found us, your bad luck is about to get much better. We understand the emotional impact of any auto accident on a driver and passengers. People are rattled by these events, but they’re even more rattled to see the continued damage to their vehicles. Some vehicles are out of commission completely after a collision, while others are able to run but with embarrassing cosmetic damages. Don’t mistake those cosmetic damages for being all about looks. Any time your vehicle is damaged in a collision, it weakens the overall structure of your exterior. What protected you in a first collision might not be so strong in another one. You’ll want to get it fixed right away.

Your Collision Center Must:

    • Be staffed by compassionate, motivated certified auto mechanics
    • Care about your situation
    • Stand behind the work they do with warranties or guarantees
    • Have a good reputation in the community
    • Have the equipment and tools they need to do the job right
    • How Our Collision Center Helps You

If you need a collision center near me, the doors at Dick’s Hillsboro Honda are always open. We have a large staff of ASE-certified auto mechanics who receive continuing education and training on all modern and classic Honda vehicles. They know the exterior of your vehicle just like they know the engine or transmission.

The exterior of your vehicle receives a lot of damage in a collision, but it also protected you from harm. When you really think about the outside of your vehicle, you realize it’s the one thing guarding you from any threats on the outside. Thanks to your grille or front bumper, a collision didn’t result in a vehicle going through your cabin. It hit those components of your exterior instead.

Starting a repair can be difficult for an owner. They may drive for weeks or months and simply think about repairing their vehicle instead of actually doing it. If your engine goes out, you don’t wait weeks or months because the vehicle won’t move. Many people mistakenly think that driving with a damaged exterior is “okay” because it doesn’t affect the operation of your vehicle.

Our team is here to tell you that your exterior does affect the operation of your vehicle. If the vehicle has missing glass, door handles, bumpers, and grilles, you’re driving on a ticking time bomb. The safety of your vehicle has been compromised by these things. In some cases, missing components can affect the aerodynamics of your vehicle and cause it to drive below its performance and even cause you to get in still more dangerous situations because of the damage.

Dick’s Hillsboro Honda is here to take the guesswork and stress out of collision repair. You don’t have to dread a visit with us or worry that a repair is going to take months and months. While collision damage can be tricky to fix and require additional equipment and parts, working with an authorized Honda dealer is the quickest way to fix your car. We work directly with the Honda brand and have access to training, information, parts, and equipment that the general body shop doesn’t have access to. We can help you and your car get back out there safer and ready to roll again.

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Your collision doesn’t have to keep your car down in the dumps for long. Our team will get it looking and driving just like new again thanks to our expert training and dedication. We care about the vehicle you bring to us and work hard to get it looking like its old self. You can schedule an appointment here at our auto center whenever it’s convenient for you. Tell us a little about your problem, pick a time that’s right for you, and then visit us soon.

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