Value Your Trade

You can do much more at Dick’s Hillsboro Honda than just buy a car. You can also sell your car to us. The trade in value on your vehicle can be used toward purchasing another vehicle from us or you can simply pocket the money and celebrate. Part of the advantage of ownership of your Honda vehicle is knowing that you have the power to sell your car online for a nice bit of extra money. A car trade in value is especially important if you plan to buy from the dealership you’re selling to. After all, you can use your car trade in value to go toward that shiny new or used vehicle you have your eye on. If you’re asking yourself “why should I sell my car?” here are just a few answers past sellers would give you.

You Get Cash or Trade in Value

The money you pocket from your sell can be used in one of two ways. First, you can just take the “sell my car for cash today” route and walk away a very happy seller. You are under no obligation to sell your vehicle to us and then buy from us also. When you sell your car to us, it’s up to you as to what you want to do with that money. However, some people prefer to take the second benefit: using the trade in value toward the purchase of your next car. Let’s say that you have a very old vehicle that you view as worthless. In the hands of our dealership, it’s not worthless! We have certified auto mechanics who can restore your vehicle and increase its value. So when you sell, you opt for the “sell my car for cash today” option, you’ll find that you get much more than you realize toward that next purchase.

Tax Breaks

When you sell your car online as a trade-in, there are sometimes tax benefits to this action. Who doesn’t see the benefit in a great tax break just for doing something you’d planned on doing anyway? No matter what your car trade in value is, you might possibly get a tax benefit from that decision. The next time you ask yourself, “Should I sell my car,” be sure to consider selling it to Dick’s Hillsboro Honda.

Quicker Cash

Selling a vehicle yourself takes weeks or months to accomplish. During that time, there might be frustrating close calls and buyers who change their mind at the last minute. Every moment money from your vehicle isn’t in your pocket, you’re continuing on with its cost. You might also have to make repairs to the vehicle that run up the price to you and take away from your bottom line from a private buyer. Those who ask themselves how much can I sell my car for sometimes find a very depressing answer if they’re trying to sell to a private buyer.

Private buyers expect much more from a vehicle than dealerships do. That’s because they don’t have the resources and staff on hand to immediately restore a vehicle and inspect it right away. A dealership plans to re-sell, and so it stands to reason that we’re able to give more than a private buyer on most occasions. What’s more, we can give you money much more quickly.

How Much Can I Sell My Car For?

If you’re here to use our sell my car feature, your first question is likely going to be how much can I sell my car for. Our handy estimator can give you a guiding hand here, although our team will discuss more with you in-person or online to determine final value and offer. You’re welcome to use this handy online feature that lets you sell your vehicle to us in a matter of moments.

The price you get for your vehicle will depend on a few things:

  • Year, make, model
  • Condition of the interior
  • Condition of exterior
  • Condition of powertrain and internal components
  • Market value or Blue Book Value

All these factors matter when we give you your first estimate on value, but condition is especially important. Make sure that your vehicle is in as good as shape as possible to maximize the amount of money you get, but don’t get discouraged if your model is on the shabby side. Our certified auto mechanics work wonders with even the oldest of used vehicles, and we’re confident that we can offer money to almost everyone who comes to us for a trade. Just let us know if you plan to get cash or use it toward another vehicle.

Sell your Vehicle to Dick’s Hillsboro Honda

Your Honda vehicle has a long life ahead of it once it gets here to our dealership. We’re ready to give you cash up front today for your vehicle. Take some time to apply for a trade-in online so you can get an idea of what kind of value your vehicle is worth to us. If the price is right for you, our team can help you sell that vehicle completely online. Be forthcoming with the condition of your vehicle and its year. You’ll also find that we can sometimes offer more on vehicles that have special add-on features such a perforated leather seating or V6 powertrains.

Your vehicle has served you well over the years, and now it’s ready to do you one last favor. Instead of taking months of your time to advertise your used vehicle and entertain private buyers, why not sell your vehicle online to us today? It’s a great way to get direct cash to your pocket or to begin a purchase on another vehicle.

We are fair with pricing and transparent about how we assess the value of your vehicle. Working with us is extremely easy to do. If you have questions about your trade-in model or just want to give us feedback, contact us online or by phone today. Additionally, you are free to stop by our dealership and let us know you want to trade in a vehicle.